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Suitcase full of ghost dollars dropped in front of villa belonging to official working in Hun Sen’s office

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
By Savary
Sralanh Khmer newspaper

Translated from Khmer by SocheataA Phnom Penh city police officer indicated that the authority installed security guards at the villa of Ho Sothy, an official working at Prime minister Hun Sen’s office. A soruce indicated that the increased security and the round-the-clock guard took place after an anonymous person dropped a suitcase full of ghost dollars (fake money used for burning as offering during a funeral) in front of Ho Sothy’s villa. An anonymous police source indicated that the incident took place a few days earlier, on the day of a huge birthday bash for Ho Sothy’s son, and the person who dropped the suitcase of ghost dollars is suspected of being one of the guests attending the birthday party.An oknha (rich businessman) who deals lands, said that a large number of CPP officials are not happy with Ho Sothy, in particular, regarding land disputes. One source indicated that Ho Sothy is involved in providing false reports to Hun Sen so that directives are being issued for grabbing lands that already have their owners.A source indicated Ho Sothy only sees money, and in some land dispute cases, he presented a twisted truth to Hun Sen for his own benefit. Therefore, some of the oknhas and land dealers are not too happy.A police officer indicated that a guard at Ho Sothy’s villa saw a suitcase in front of the house, he then reported it to the local police because he was afraid to look at it in case it contains explosives or drugs. However, when the police opened the suitcase, they only found ghost dollars. The police officers and the guards at Ho Sothy’s villa were all speechless. After the incident, Ho Sothy called in police officers to tightly guard his villa because these ghost dollars are used only to burn as offering to the dead, and not to living people like Ho Sothy.


Written by Kolbot Khmer

February 17, 2008 at 7:26 pm

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