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Reply letter from Hun Sen to King-Father on Monk Tim Sakhorn’s case

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 The lack of due process is blatant, this comes directly from the KR tactics

Click here to read Hun Sen’s original letter in Khmer (PDF format)

Translated from Khmer by Socheata

Royal Government of Cambodia
Nation – Religion – King

To His Majesty Norodom Sihanouk, the Father of the Khmer Nation

Revered Majesty,

I received your royal letter dated 06 July 2007 requesting the royal government of review the request made by Mr. Thach Setha, President of the Khmer Kampuchea-Krom Community, regarding the case of the defrocking and threats issued against Kampuchea Krom-born monk (the case of a monk by the name of Tim Sakhorn).

I want to inform your majesty that regarding this case, the royal government ordered a research on the spot, and we received the results below:

The abbot of the Boaknaram Pagoda, Venerable Tim Sakkhorn, is a Khmer Kampuchea Krom, he was born in Khla Kroheum village, Bachuk commune, Svay Tong province, An Giang province of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, he stayed at the Boaknaram pagoda (Phnom Den North pagoda) located in Phsar village, Phnom Den commune, Kirivong district, Takeo province. He used the pagoda to serve as a location for distribution of the Khmer Kampuchea-Krom Federation (KKF) magazines, each one of these having 14 to 20 pages and their content was incitement propaganda with the goal of creating disputes between Cambodia and Vietnam. Monk Tim Sakhorn was stubborn, he did not participate in meetings, and whatever he did in the pagoda, there was no proper legal authorization, such as displaying flags resembling the logo shown on the KKF magazine, building a concrete structure next to the interior fence of the pagoda, illegally ordaining a number of monks coming from Boeng Salang, attracting a large number of monks and pagoda members for the KKF overseas. All these actions caused displeasures among the monks in the pagoda, and a certain number of them left the order, while others asked to go study in another pagoda and stayed there, and the identity of 7 monks was not clear.

This monk and his gang demonstrated twice against the Cambodia-Vietnam friendship, and he even went on to fight with student monks and religious monks using axes and sticks to chase and axe 20 coordinating monks and causing injuries to 4 of them.

After reviewing the irregular activities of Monk Tim Sakhorn, supreme patriarch Tep Vong set up a meeting where 10 monks from all levels took part, to discuss and judge (Monk Tim Sakhorn), they agreed to defrock Bhikku Tim Sakhorn because he committed severe (violations) on the Buddhist rules for monks.

After his defrocking on 30 June 2007, the district authority, the district department of cult and religion, the commune council, and the pagoda committee searched the room of abbot Tim Sakhorn using a search warrant issued by the Takeo provincial court, they found a number of proofs, such as: knife, explicit VCDs, and 2 women in the room, and they also found a request letter written by Mr. Tim Sakhorn, asking to return back to his native place (Vietnam).

The spokesman of the Vietnamese embassy in Cambodia declared that Mr. Tim Sakhorn is currently being jailed by the authority of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and the exact cause of the jailing, we do not know yet.

The above information is provided to your majesty for your information.

I take this opportunity to send you the best wishes, and may you live in peace from now on.

Please accept, your majesty, my faithful devotion.

Phnom Penh, 28 September 2007

(Signed) Hun Sen

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Written by Kolbot Khmer

October 7, 2007 at 8:14 am

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