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Kit Meng Re-elected as President of CCC

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Kith Meng, Hun Sen’s crony, elected to become president of the Cambodian chamber of commerce

Thursday, October 4, 2007
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy

The Rasmei Kampuchea reported that Oknha Kith Meng, president of the Phnom Penh chamber of commerce, was elected to become the president of the Cambodian chamber of commerce because he was the only candidate in the election which was held on 03 October 2007. According to Mao Thora, secretary of state of the ministry of commerce, among the 12 presidents of the chambers of commerce in various province and municipalities, Kith Meng was the only volunteer to present his candidacy to this position. The 12 chamber of commerce presidents then proceeded to elect the president of the Cambodian chamber of commerce, and Kith Meng received all 12 votes, and he will become its president from now on. Kith Meng said that he was moved to fulfill his new position, but he said that this position is not that easy because there are a lot of tasks to accomplish, such as fulfilling the rice exportation policy of the government. Nevertheless, he said that he will work hard to successfully fulfill his new task of exporting Cambodian rice.


Written by Kolbot Khmer

October 7, 2007 at 8:16 am

3 Responses

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  1. Dear H.E Kit,

    Could you please produce the wonderfull radio Drama (Komnat Phlove chong Kroy) focus on Khmer Rough Tragedy to a TV Drama ?
    I seem in Cambodia dont have any chanel good quality Drama Product Like CTN.

    I heard the Drama Komnat phlove Chong Kroy Broadcast in Radio fm 102 sine early this year And All my university collage record it for discuss. It hepl full for our history study And I think it should be produce to be a khmer film like the Killing fild.



    October 20, 2009 at 3:39 am

  2. […] clue where to begin with someone, some group brought up about a young and talented man of Cambodia, Mr. Kit Meng, while some were talking about other famous […]

  3. Dear Mr Meng,
    I am very impressed of your beautiful mind and ability to run many companies. You are a role model for Cambodian young generations. What is the legacy that you desire to leave behind that your grand children will remember how great you have been to Cambodia? My dream is to see all koonkhmers to have a library in their community. I want to build a library for every province in Cambodia. You have done well for our country. Hope to see you again. We met when we were in the refugee camp. Take care. May God bless you. Sincerely, Chandra, from America


    July 17, 2010 at 3:02 am

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