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News on Preah Vihear temple

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This blog will be posted only the sensitive news that I feel interesting only from all over the world  and especially in this page will be exclusively concern with Preah Vihear shrine which to be listed as World Heritage Site in July 2008 in Canada along with the arrogant Thai politicians and people who greedily keep invading our land disreagrds the decision of the International Court in Hague, 1962, which Thailand itself accepted.

Cambodian Boy


  1. Thai Democrats interfere Cambodia internal Affairs
  2. Bid to delay Unesco heritage Site
  3. CWCI Statement published in The Nation
  4. Preah Vihear temple and Thai misunderstanding
  5. Bid to delay Unesco decision
  6. Cambodia should reconsider joint application on Preah Vihear listing
  7. Thai Cabinet forestalled
  8. Thai democrats to pettition Unesco
  9. You are a “traitor”
  10. Cambodia stay cool over Preah Vihear issue
  11. Thailand call for a joint listing of Preah Vihear
  12. Activists demand FM resignation
  13. Thai FM consider preah Vihear temple order appeal
  14. Thai court order suspension on support for Cambodia´s listing
  15. Thai democrats rap Cambodian FM
  16. Thai to co-host bid to get Preah Vihear listed by Unesco
  17. Temple row may cause riff between two countries, Cambodia FM warning
  18. Let technocrat handle Preah Vihear
  19. Administrative Court order injunction on approval of Preah Vihear
  20. Thai temple protest “expliotation: Minister
  21. Cambodia warn border temple debate could harm Thai relation
  22. Thai embassy fears of another round of anti-thai riot
  23. Thai academic urges unesco to defer temple registration
  24. Cambodia say no reason to politicize the temple
  25. Territorial Dispute Resolved, Cambodia make cases over Preah Vihear
  26. Thai protestors storm Govt
  27. PM Son Chhay asks Council of Ministers about new Preah Vihear map
  28. Phreah Vihea proposal as World Heritage
  29. Thai protest over Preah Vihear deal
  30. More protests expected in Bangkok
  31. Thai senate committee to ask UNESCO delay Preah Vihear listing
  32. Thailand is holding Cambodia and the world hostage over Preah Vihear
  33. Thailand heads for another political showdown
  34. A protest by another name PAD
  35. Govt needs to explain details of temple deals
  36. Thaksin set to invest big time in Cambodia
  37. Preah Vihear map shown by Thai FM
  38. Cambodia not claiming any Thai land
  39. Nappadon released new map claimed success
  40. Despite protest, secret temple pact signed
  41. Nappadon:Thailand sovereignty not lost in Preah Vihear new map
  42. Anti-thai govt protest over thai-Cambodia border dispute in Preah Vihear
  43. Preah Vihear map by Bora Touch
  44. Thousand of anti-thai govt protested over Thai-Cambodia boundary dispute in Preah Vihear
  45. PAD demand explanation over Preah Vihear
  46. Cabinet assented on Preah Vihear map
  47. Protest over Cabinet endorsement of Cambodian temple site
  48. Thailand give green light over listing Preah Vihear temple
  49. Thai govt approved the secret temple deal
  50. Thailand to back Cambodian temple world heritage listing campaign
  51. Thai senators question FM on Preah Vihear temple
  52. Thai FM braces no-confident debate over historic temple
  53. Preah Vihear temple -the depth of in history
  54. Thailand´s NSC endorses Preah Vihear map
  55. Thais harrassing Cambodian vendors near preah vihear temple
  56. Democrats call for FM to reveal Cambodian´s new map
  57. Celebration of Preah Vihear temple anniversary
  58. Nappadon doesn´t want to ties with Cambodian hurt
  59. Thai cabinet to endorse new map



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